This time of year is filled with many people talking/sharing about gratefulness and things for which they are thankful.
There are so many things we are thankful for this year.

A few things are:
 – all of us, in our house, waking up each day
 – having food everyday
 – the kids finishing this school year, with all the fees paid

And a huge one:
 – getting blankets and sweaters (jackets) for each of our kids

Thank you for helping us to make this possible!

with their new blankets and sweaters


It’s so comforting to know that our kids are warm when they are awake and when they are sleeping!

There tends to be a lot of commercialism this time of year, which is part of why Giving Tuesday was started in 2012.  As people are busy scooping up the best deals, buying gifts for their loved ones, today can be used to bring awareness to different causes, organizations, or churches that can benefit from charitable giving.


If you are looking for a place to send money on this #GivingTuesday, we would love for you to consider us: CITY Uganda!

Not only are we daily taking care of the kids that have been entrusted to us, we are busy planning for their futures and the school we want to build.

Something we are in the middle of doing is finishing the boys’ room and building a security wall around the part of our property where the boys and animals sleep.  We still need to raise over $1500 to complete this project.

Can you see any differences between November 9th and today?


Please help us today!
Any financial donation is tax-deductible through HERE.


much love!


may the turkey leg be yours

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Today has been a pretty busy day around our home, and we will not be eating turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, or pumpkin pie; we’re enjoying our usual beans and posho:). Although American Thanksgiving is not celebrated here, I am still reminded of how many things I have to be grateful for in my life.

Here’s a look back at two memories I am thankful for:

making Christmas cookies with Emily the day after Thanksgiving four years ago


Sam’s first time to celebrate American Thanksgiving (in S. Korea)


And, this is near the top of my thankful list for today:

Maddie actually taking a nap


Her sleeping is allowing me to write this blog and…

enjoy my “iced latte”


I didn’t write this next sentence, but I truly mean it for all of my friends and family who encourage Sam and me to keep going:
THANKS for GIVING me so much love, kindness, and support.


much love!


One more thing…
If anyone is looking for jewelry, for themselves or as a gift, you should check out my sister, Emily’s, Etsy shop by clicking here!. 
She also makes purses, wedding dresses, wax melts, and various types of house decorations:)

but the house on the rock stood firm

There are times in life where you just have to do something; you don’t know how it is going to work out, but you know it needs to get done.

This is one of those times for Sam and me.

Since moving the boys and animals down to the other part of our property, we have needed to fence it (build a wall around it), and to put glass in the windows and doors.

There are a few reasons to do this, but the main one is for safety.  During rainy season, it is easier for people to break in or steal things because the rain drowns out the noise.
Thus, with rainy season upon us, we have started building and making the place more secure.

How have we started to build?
With a lot of faith that God will provide.
It is not cheap to build, but we know how important it is.

Last weekend, they started digging for the foundation of the wall.  During the week, last week, they worked on two sides of it.  It is looking really good if I do say so myself!

putting in the foundation


day 2 of building


at the end of last week


This week, we have plastered inside of the boys room, started digging for their bathroom, continued working on the wall, and started building the retaining walls.

working over the weekend


this afternoon – lots of activity


Total, it is going to be around $2,200.
You can make a tax-deductible donation by going HERE

This is for cement, sand, labor, a gate, window glass, and transporting bricks here.
We have been using the bricks we’ve been making!

In addition to the perimeter wall, we will be building a bathroom (bathing area) for the boys, retaining walls to safely and effectively make different levels, and a bigger area for our chickens.  We are planning to increase the number of birds we have; Sam is wanting more layers so we can sell trays of eggs every week.
We had to have a couple of trees cut down to make way for the wall, from those trees, we made wood for in the chickens’ house and we will be making charcoal to cook our food.

three of our boys


One of the boys was telling me he is so excited for the wall and the gate to be finished.  He wants to sleep outside because he knows the thieves won’t be able to get him:)

Please help to keep their smiles so big.
Any amount, small or big, goes a long way in helping us to complete this project.

You can GO HERE now, to help us keep our boys and animals safe!


much love!

coming in for a LANDing

I’ve mentioned finishing to purchase the land for CITY, right?!

Well, would you like to know more?
If your answer is, “yes,” then you’ve come to the right place.

The papers have been signed, and we have started the process of switching over the Land Title into our names.  It’s not as straight forward as it should be.
One reason being that people here often cheat when it comes to land, so it is super important to do this right away and not delay.
Another reason is because I am foreign, so the lawyer has been working on how to get my name, not just Sam’s, onto the title.

some of our land paperwork


There wasn’t a big, picture-worthy event when we finished buying the land.
The previous owner met us in Mukono, he got into our car, we gave him money, he signed some forms.  Then we went to get a couple of photocopies of various documents.

Although it wasn’t a big deal, it really was!
We started paying for this land about a year ago.  (You can read HERE about finding this land).
We are incredibly excited that it is now officially ours!

a huge thank you to everybody who has supported us financially and with prayers to make this possible!


What’s next?
One thing is to start using the land, which we have already done!
As we are raising funds and planning the layout of our school, we don’t want the land to just sit.
We have been clearing the land, planting sweet potatoes, corn, and tomatoes, and using some of the grass to feed our animals here.

By planting these vegetables, we will be able to use them to feed all of us here at home and hopefully even sell some when it’s time to harvest.

working on the land last week


taking grass for the pigs and rabbits


Again, thank you so much to everyone who has been a part of this land buying process.  We are so excited for how God is going to use the land.


much love!


bracing for the cold

As it is getting colder in America, some places already receiving snow, you are probably busy getting your wardrobe, house, and car ready for winter.
Well maybe not those of you in Southern California or Arizona:)

We might not have winter over here, but it does get cold, or at least cool, at night, especially during rainy season.

There are some things our kids could really use to help keep them warm: blankets, socks, and sweaters.  

this is a pretty typical sight when it gets the least bit cold


Ideally we want to get one of each of those things for each of our kids (not including Maddie).  That means we need 11 blankets, 11 pairs of socks, and 11 sweaters or jackets.


Depending on the deals we can get buying those items, it will probably be between 100-120,000 UGX ($26-$32) per child.
So, we need 1.1-1,320,000 UGX ($289-$348) total.

You can click HERE to give a tax-deductible donation

Please help us to keep our kids warm!


much love!


Why are America and Uganda so far apart?

I’ve always known that grandparents were awesome.
I mean, I grew up having the best grandma ever.
(Don’t even try to argue with me, mine’s the best, hands down:)

playing cards with grandma last month


What I didn’t know, before having Maddie, was helpful they can be.
It was so nice to have my parents visit in July.  Then, to see them about a month later for Emily’s wedding was really great.
There were so many times my parents just took over, no matter how fussy Maddie was, and I could just sleep, or relax.

Besides getting to spend about a week and a half with her Marmie and Poppy, Maddie and I were able to spend time with her great grandma (the previously mentioned “World’s Best Grandma”), her great aunts and uncles, and meet some of my friends, from both high school and college.

all the family that made it to Emily and Adam’s wedding


with Nicole, Meredith, and Colleen


Maddie playing with Asher


It truly amazes me how friendships and connections can be maintained, despite time and distance.  I am very thankful for the family God brought me into, both in America and Uganda, and the friends I have stayed in touch with.

Although I probably would have had no problem filling up a few months of time in America, I am so grateful for the time, whether a few hours or a few days, I could spend with everyone Maddie and I were able to see on our trip.

saying goodbye to Marmie and Poppy


much love!


home again, home again, jiggity jig

Maddie and I made it back to Uganda safely!

waiting to leave Detroit


Although there have not been many blogs lately, you shouldn’t assume I have nothing to share with you…in fact, it is quite the opposite.
News such as, we finished paying for the CITY Land, yesterday!

I have started composing a number of blogs, about the land, our trip to America, and more, for your (not-too-distant) future reading pleasure.

So, you can relax, knowing that stories and pictures will be coming soon!


much love!