Back in 2013, this video was really popular in America.
Being in Uganda at the time, I had no idea.
But last year, a couple of my friends introduced it to me, in an effort to explain why foxes had become such a popular design on clothing, jewelry, bags, and home decor.


If you’ve never seen it, or it’s been a while, I think you should take a couple minutes and watch it now.  It’ll definitely help the rest of my story make sense:)

So Thursday, as I was teaching one of my Hollywood Kids classes (where we put on musicals); we were going over the Gingerbread Man story.  I would turn a page in the book and ask what happened.
As you read this conversation, try picturing me talking with a class of eight Korean 6 year olds.
Maybe this picture will help you remember how small and cute my kids are:

walking back to the bus on one of our field trips

Back to class…
“Oh, grandmother and grandfather wanted a child, then what did they say?”
Next Page.  “Who did the Gingerbread Man meet next?”
“A cow!”
“And what did the cow say?  “You look yummy or I want to be your friend?”
“Look yummy”
“Who did he meet after the cow?”
“A horse!”
“What did the horse say to him?”
“Eat you”
“And what animal did the Gingerbread Man meet next?”
“A chicken!”
“What did the chicken say?”
“You look yummy.”
“Who did he meet next, a goat or a fox?”
“A fox!”
“And what did the fox say?”
“What does the fox say. Ha-ti-ha-ti-ha-ti-ho! Ha-ti-ha-ti-ha-ti-ho! Jacha-chacha-chacha-chow!  What does the fox say?!”

As soon as I uttered the question, “What does the fox say?,” I thought of the song.  But it made my day when my students started sining it.
I don’t think it could have been better if the moment had been planned.

It’s those moments
Those moments get me through each day and every week.
My kids are so precious and make me smile.


much love!


delightful chickpeas

Little known fact about yours truly:
I really like hummus.
If I could, I would eat it everyday.

In fact, when I lived in the States, I did.
I truly enjoyed making my own hummus, experimenting with the flavor possibilities.
And eating some with carrots or snap peas, on a daily basis.

Since moving to Korea, I have had hummus twice.
But, that number grows after tonight.
I was able to make my own hummus!

home-made hummus in Korea
my spicy-lime hummus, freshly made


Recently, I inherited an immersion blender.
Combine the immersion blender with chickpeas I’ve been hoarding, and you get hummus.
So thankful this was able to happen.
Going to enjoy it while it lasts:)


much love!

being thankful

You know when you are little and are asked what you want to be when you grow up?
My answers were not the most normal, and my list is rather short:
dolphin trainer

Did you notice that teacher isn’t on that list?
In fact being a teacher has never been a dream or a goal of mine.
But, when I felt like God asked me to go to Korea to teach English, okay.

Every day looks different and is a challenge, but the kids bring me so much joy.

i found it quite cute when the two pumpkins were talking to one another:)


with one of my classes walking a path during one of our picnics [field trips]


with my other class as we skip and sing our way back to the bus


Many people spent the previous month reflecting on things for which they are thankful.
I would say a big one for me is my kids at school.
Every day is different, but they make me smile, help me learn and grow, challenge me, and most of all, make doing what I am doing worth it!


much love!


I’m not much into the different “days” after Thanksgiving:
Black Friday
Small-Business Saturday
Cyber Monday

But there is one day, that started in 2012, which I like the idea behind – #GivingTuesday (click for more information behind this “day”)
After Thanksgiving, a lot of money goes into buying gifts for friends and relatives, or buying things because they are a “steal.”
People can be very generous, but sometimes not know how to help.  #GivingTuesday can help to bring awareness to organizations or causes that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Since Fall of 2012, soon after I had first moved to Uganda, God laid it on my heart to build a library and additional classrooms for the school.
If you’ve read my blogs, there’s a good chance you have already heard about this Hallelujah Project (as it was named) for Champions Christian Primary School.

Over the past couple of years, it’s been amazing to see the progress of the building and the development of the school.  In July, 2013, the library and three ground floor classrooms were officially opened and dedicated.
The second floor, with three more classrooms, has made progress since then; but can’t seem to get past the “walls” stage.  The outside walls for the second floor are almost all at roof level, but it is not usable in this condition.

sometimes, it’s hard to believe this much transformation has already happened

We have gotten estimates, from an architect / building consultant, on what it would take to finish the building.
The grand total is roughly $43,000.
Not going to lie, that number is pretty intimidating.
But don’t get overwhelmed by the big number.
As pastor has told me multiple, there is only one way to eat and elephant, one bite at a time.

How do you do that in building a building.  Do it in phases.
Let’s start with re-enforcing the concrete: $5,000
And we should also look into fitting the doors and windows: $4,500
I’d say both of these are reasonable goals.
These two together total $9,500.

baby class | many of the upper class pupils
When I went back in July

On this #GivingTuesday, consider being an integral part of completing this building, by helping us complete this phase.

To support you can click here and find my name: Eason, Bethany – UGANDA
or here and find out different options.

Of course, feel free to contact me with any questions or if you want more details about the Hallelujah Project!

much love!

lots of candy and preparation

A little over a week ago was Halloween.
Probably not news to anybody:)
But, the Friday before, my school had our Halloween party.
I’ve never really been a big fan of Halloween, so when this event started getting bigger and bigger, I had to take a couple deep breaths and just relax.
There was a lot that went into this event, especially because parents were invited, in hopes that two or three from each class would show up to help.  Well, most of the kids had at least one parent come for the party!

Boy oh boy, did we have a full house!
The day included:
trick or treating
a costume show
a quiz gamez
a haunted house
carving jack-o-lanterns
watching a Halloween movie.
Oh, and of course, eating a lot of candy!

we had a mummy and a scary zombie – two of the other foreign teachers decked out for the day


IMG_7339fashion show and pictures


IMG_7356eager to make a jack-o-lantern


much love!


little break. big memories.

The weekend of the 26th, was four days of no school.
If you read my last blog, or you know me well, then you may have guessed that I would travel somewhere given that little bit of extra time.
But , where did I go?
Well, one of my good friends here, Colette, and I went to Beijing, China.
Both of us have wanted to see the Great Wall, so we thought this would be a great opportunity.

It was a great trip.
Not only was it nice to have time away from school and teaching, to hang out with a friend, to try new food, but to also experience (even just minimally) a new place and culture.

I wish I could eloquently describe what it was like to see the Great Wall.  Unfortunately, the best I can come up with is, “It’s really big.”
But, please allow me add to that.
I went there knowing it is an enormous wall.  But, to see it in person makes you realize the immense size it actually is.
We went to the Badaling Wall, which apparently is the most restored and visited portion.
When standing on it, looking out over the landscape, you see beautiful mountains and wall.
In the distance, wall.
Even further in the distance, wall.

with Colette on the Great Wall






great wall
a little glimpse of what we saw:)


What else did we do in Beijing?
Well, we walked a great deal:
– to Tiananmen Square
– through the Forbidden City area

Tiananmen or Gate of Heavenly Peace – one of the entrances into the Forbidden City


just after leaving the Forbidden City



– to Jingshan and Bei Hai Parks
– through an area of Beijing to find the Friend’s Cafe – a cafe that has been modeled after Central Perk in Friends, where they play episodes of Friends all day

outside of a park


the street outside of where we stayed


the Friends Cafe


on our walk back / trying to find a bus


IMG_7081what better to do in an underground street crossing?!


Did we eat good food?
Was it a good trip?
Was it far too short?

I’m incredibly thankful to have had the opportunity to finally go to Beijing and to have such a great travel partner!


much love!


hanbok and a holiday

At school last Tuesday, we celebrated Chuesok.
You may be asking, “What is Chuesok?”
It is a big Korean holiday in the fall, and is often called Korean Thanksgiving.
There are different cultural customs that go into celebrating this holiday, and normally it is observed for three days.
This year, Chuseok fell on Sunday [27th] so we had Monday and Tuesday with no school [28th and 29th]!

Back to celebrating at school…
The five foreign teachers were asked to wear hanbok [traditional Korean outfit] for the celebration.
I had volunteered to ride in one of the vans in the morning to help greet kids, to make this day a little more special.  When our students started entering dressed in their own hanbok, I was surprised.
They were adorable!

in my hanbok – apparently it was a fusion dress (not quite traditional)


IMG_7115with Kate and Shea, the other two female foreign teachers, before the festivities


the kids in hanbok and the hats they made


IMG_6595isn’t she adorable?!


IMG_6618and one more, because he’s pretty cute as well!


Not only was Chuseok a good reason to get dressed up and have a party at school, but having a four day weekend was also pretty great.
I took full advantage of the time off of school and Korea’s close proximity to other countries.
What did I do for Chuseok?
I’ll let you know soon:)


much love