overdue for an update

Many days I think about writing a blog.
Then something happens and the blog gets put on the back burner.
What comes up?
Day to day that varies…
somedays it’s having extra work that needs to be done for school – like comments or plans
or maybe prepping for science project or an English Village day
sometimes it’s a friend asking me for dinner or coffee
other times it’s Korean class or needing to study my Korean
then there are the days when I am just too tired

For those of you that have been asking yourself (or even me:) things are going well.
Yes, I am adjusted.
In all honesty, I don’t really feel like there was a big time of adjustment for me.
When I came here, it was a new country, and I needed to learn what the food was like and get used to how life is done here.
Really, my adjustment was more to working in this school and being a teacher.
So, besides teaching at school every week, what have I been up to in Korea?
Quite a bit actually.
I have been hiking a few times

view from my last hike


from the first time I went hiking here – Mt. Apsen, overlooking Daegu


eating some great food
and desserts:)

bing su, with my friend Colette


going to a beautiful island

on Namhae


attempting to learn Korean
trying to keep in touch with people from America and Uganda
making friends and hanging out with them

with some of my friends here


As busy as my days and weeks may be, I am truly thankful for the opportunity I have to be living here and doing this.


much love!


living is easy with eyes closed…

Let me tell you, being at this private kindergarten here in South Korea is much different than being at Champions in Uganda.
I could make a list for you, but in all honesty, I don’t think that really matters.
But, one of the ways that it does show is in the resources available and the opportunities presented to the kids.
An example of what I mean by the opportunities is, every month we have a picnic day, or field trip.
For May, our kindergarten picnic was a trip to pick strawberries.
It was quite fun, and absolutely a delicious experience!

walking back in the little dome to pick strawberries


image4watching some of the other classes – our schools filled the dome we were in


image5 this cute, little one was covered in strawberry gook by the time we were done:)


image6one of my classes enjoying the picking process


our class strawberry pail filling up quite nicely as I am handed one more


image8so putting Bugles (or similar chips) on fingers is not just American:)


image9although this pictures looks like they are in agony, they did have fun – they had just been running and being dinosaurs – dinosaurs don’t like their pictures being taken:)


The next day the kids each decorated a cake with cream and strawberries to take home for their parents as a gift for Parents’ Day.
Overall, I would say this was a great picnic day!


much love!


for the tall blonde I never lost in a store…

that flower outside my gate I told you about


I know you were just expecting an email, but I thought you might like this a bit more:)

Today probably wouldn’t be quite as special without a certain three people…

somehow he thought it was cute – even though it was trying to takeover the house!


one would think there would be no silly photos today – but then that would truly not be a picture of your daughters


but, because it is Mother’s Day, here is a nice one as well


And, remember that time we were all together when I was supposed to be in Africa?

looks as though a certain gentleman grew suddenly taller:)


Happy Mother’s Day!
I hope you enjoyed it from beginning to end – you deserve a great day because you are such a great woman.
I love you!


this one’s for Nepal

I’ve been meaning to write and share some stories about how things are going for me here in Korea.

But instead, today, I think I am briefly going to talk about Nepal.
If you haven’t heard, there was a large (7.8 magnitude) earthquake near the capital of Kathmandu yesterday (Sunday) about 5 minutes before noon [local Nepal time].

For me personally, Nepal does not make my list of the top five countries I have been to.
But, hearing this news is devastating, and it brings back memories of my time there [May 2011] and the people I was with.
I wonder if everyone from the orphanage is all right.
I can’t even imagine what they are all going through in this aftermath.
While there, we stayed in Kathmandu, in an area called Khokana Dobato.

Here are just a few pictures from my time in Nepal:

in the area we lived


walking through one of the streets


on a bridge to another village


in the area we lived


on the street I lived


baby owl being held by one of our friends we made there


many of the kids we lived with for the month


Solimae, who would kiss me good bye, whenever I’d leave the building



have I mentioned the gorgeous views where I lived?


the country truly has beauty, in nature and in people


Please join me in lifting up the people I was with, and all those that have been effected by this earthquake.


much love!


month one – over

By the lack of blogs, one could draw a number of conclusions…
I don’t like it here
Nothing is happening
Life is boring
I am busy
I’ve run away
I’ve forgotten how to type

I think the only one in the above list that is remotely true, would be, I am busy.  But along with that, I would also say that I have been trying to find a rhythm, to my daily life here, and all that needs to be done.

Sometimes it feels like it was just last week I was getting off the plane in Seoul, to start my life in Korea.  But, one month of school has already concluded.  I feel like it was definitely a learning experience for me as a teacher (and one would hope a learning experience for my students, as well:)

Along with regularly scheduled classes, we had some special events that the kids enjoyed.
One such event would be the zoo; or a few different animals came to the school and the kindergartners were able to see the animals up close.

so close, we all pet a large snake – I even had it wrapped around my shoulders


IMG_4427some of my kids petting animals at the “zoo”


We also had cooking class, where the kids had fun making and eating ladybugs.

one of my classes working on their ladybugs


IMG_4449one of my boys proudly showing off his finished ladybugs


Picnic, better known as field trip, this past month, was at MBC; which is the local broadcasting studio.  We, better yet, those who speak Korean, learned about the newsroom, and I don’t even know what else:)  But, we were able to see the blue screen in action, which was pretty cool.

6 year old classes on the blue screen


April has already started, and there is plenty to keep me busy and plenty for me to learn.


much love!


if i’m not mistaken…

…today is someone’s birthday.
(actually, it’s probably many someones’ birthdays)

But, there is only one person I know, for whom I am writing this blog.
He is less than twice my age for over two years now;
but at one point he was much older than me.

b and d - little
yep, me as a baby


I could probably make this really wordy, but I think I’ll cut right to the chase
Happy birthday, Poppy!

in the snow maybe 7 years ago

I hope you have a great day!
Eat lots of chocolate (I even ate some last night:)



it’s your birthday…

Well, well, well little seeeesssterrr, it is past 12AM on the twelfth of March, here in Korea – which means, it is officially your Birthday!!!

I guess I can start celebrating now; so, 13 extra hours to celebrate this day of you turning twenty-something years old.
Last night, I got semi-lost, or more like I couldn’t find the place I was looking for; so on my long walk home, I took 13 pictures to share with you in honor of the 13 extra hours of celebrating your day of birth this year.

image1 copy 2
i think they’re singing to you!


image5 copypink frogs, maybe?!


image3 copy 2
do you think the animals are oblivious, they look so happy?


image2 copy 2birthday bacon!


image4 copy 2you can write your own caption for this…


image1 copyUnbelievable, it’s your birthday!!


image4 copyl could get you this notebook, if you want…


image2 copydo you remember the big Hello Kitty in NYC?


image1“oh baby, oh baby baby”


image3look, it’s your car


image5does your bank have these giant pin wheels?


image3 copytoday IS special!



image4these two wanted to wish you a happy birthday, as well


And because this blog (and your birthday) is not complete without another photo, here is one of my favorites:)

yep, a classic


Happy happy birthday!
Enjoy all 37 hours of it:)


much love!