With a title like that, you would think this blog would be really profound or deep or something.


Just an apology and a quick update.

The apology: sorry I’m such an awful blogger; not really consistent at all.  I really do want to be better and am going to try.  There are a couple of things coming up in the near future, so hopefully soon (really soon:) I will write updates explaining more!

As for a little life update: I am currently living with one of my former squad-mates and her gracious parents.

me and Carmen

I have a temporary job as a reader.  This job is rather enthralling (or not); I’m sure everyone of you would be jealous to find out that yesterday I read about 90 essays and today about 110.  Mind you, these aren’t literary masterpieces, or profound gems, these are tenth graders trying (some, not so much) to pass their standardized test.

Last weekend I saw other former squad-mates; four of them to be precise.  Aimee married the love of her life; so not only did I get to see that momentous occasion, but I had some really great times and conversations with Michelle, Nikki, and Samantha.

the night before the wedding!

Michelle, Nikki, Samantha (the tutu) and Aimee the night before the wedding

somewhere between Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia

me, Nikki and Michelle hanging out in the bathroom during the wedding

Well, hopefully, more details of future plans and what not will be coming soon:)

much love!


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