i have an announcement…

What’s the best way to share exciting news?

One of my first thoughts was (maybe a little over the top) a plane writing a message in the sky, while a marching band is triumphantly making its way down the street.

(yes Ruth, I hope you enjoy the Christmas:)

Then I realized I must be like 50 for coming up with that; and in this modern era people would would probably tweet and send message on Facebook.

Well, what if I have exciting news to share?

I guess a marching band might be a little grandiose . . .

So, drumroll please . . . .

I’m going to Puerto Rico for the Summer!!

I’m pretty excited about this fact.

This picture from the Grand Palace in Thailand does a pretty good job expressing that current excitement:

Bangkok, Thailand

I will be working with Adventures Youth, a branch of Adventures in Missions (what I did the World Race with).  As of now, I do not have many details, of what I will be doing; I do know that I leave at the end of May for training camp and return towards the beginning of August.

I am the project leader for my location and I will be working with three other people.  The four of us will be the on-site staff when high school youth groups come to our location in Puerto Rico throughout the summer to do mission trips.

_ _ _ _

If you feel lead to help me in any way, there are plenty of opportunities available:)

-PRAY: for me and me three co-staff (Natalia, Taylor, and Tyler) and for the multiple youth groups that will be coming on the trips

-ENCOURAGE: if you ever feel like emailing me or leaving me a comment, go for it, I will definitely appreciate it!

-DONATE: I need to raise $500 by May 20 (every little bit helps:) (just click HERE)
*If you want to help pay for travel insurance or airfare, please let me know, because those are out of pocket

Please let me know if you have any questions about any of this.  I will try to let you all (y’all, as these southern folk say) know as I find out any more information about what this summer entails!

much love!


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