vamanos a puerto rico!

The past couple of days have been intense,
but good.

Tuesday evening, training camp began.

It has been a lot of learning what this summer
has been designed to look like and finding out
more about what we will be doing.

so much material to get familiar with for the summer

The other project leaders are great.

My team is awesome;
and I am excited to get to know them
better over the next couple of months.

We, the two Puerto Rico sites, have really
clicked, and enjoy spending time as one
big group.

Everett, me, Natalia, Kaylani, Ashleigh, Don, Taylor, and Tyler
PR1 and 2
Everett, me, Natalia, Kaylani, Ashleigh, Don, Taylor and Tyler
Tomorrow, we will be in Puerto Rico!

My team is going to Luquillo.  After getting there, we will meet with our ministry contact and find out more details about where we will be doing ministry everyday and and the areas of the community we will be reaching out into.

We are really so excited to transition from training camp to site in just a little over a day now.  To start making the place feel like home for the summer and put everything we have been learning into practice.  Please be praying for our flights on Sunday morning and as we begin our time in PR.

much love


2 thoughts on “vamanos a puerto rico!

  1. I love you, Bethany, and I am sooo excited for this new adventure you have!! My family misses you tons… we couldn’t cope with going to Costco without you today so we didn’t (ok so the real reason might be that we have other things to do, but still…deep down in our hearts we know that you’re the true reason! ;] )
    Love you, Miss you ..and most definitely praying for you!!!
    Love, your sister Carmen :]

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