fighting polar bears

I wouldn’t recommend fighting a polar bear; over a week later and my ankle/foot still looks rough:
swollen foot / ankle
if you think this looks bad, you should see Sven (the bear)

But, I have been learning a great deal in the healing process.  Usually I am doing more.  I don’t like…
sitting when people all-around me are busy and I could be helping.
having to ask for help.
not being able to do things for myself.
feeling like I am lazy.
letting people know i’m hurt.

While the above has become a part of my reality since the unfortunate bear incident, God has definitely been using this time for me to reflect and learn.  Which is always a good thing.

On a different note, it’s hard to believe today is our last time picking up groups from the airport.  Our final two groups arrive in a few hours – crazy.  Somedays it feels like just last week we were starting this; but in reality, we are finishing it.

during wk. 5
art from Adventure Camp a couple of weeks ago

This week is going to be awesome!  We are going to have 50 participants living and serving with us.  This might be our biggest group, but that just means more love and more fun!

Please pray for our groups and our kids here.  As a team, Natalia, Taylor, Tyler and I, want to finish strong and give this week our all.  We may be exhausted, but we can still learn and grow in this week.


much love!


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