sparkle lip gloss

Tomorrow, well I guess technically today, is our last day of camp . . . weird.

Luquillo, Puerto Rico
Jarnel playing soccer at Bob and Karon’s last week

Although we are tired from doing this all summer, I know we will definitely miss the kids.
There is something about walking up and being rushed by kids giving me hugs.
Or talking and laughing with a little girl, who for the first 4 weeks we thought couldn’t talk.
Or my car being bombarded by kids wanting to help bring in the lunch totes and coolers.
Or being kissed on the lips by a little girl trying to share her sparkle lip gloss with me.


Luquillo, Puerto Rico
JonJon and Perla at Diego wk. 4


There is so much that happened this summer.  For us.  For the kids we worked with.  For the groups that came here.  But we know tomorrow is not it.  It may be the last day of camp, but God is not done; not with us, the groups, or especially the kids.

Please pray for the kids.  I know that as we are going to be leaving here they are not alone, but my prayer is for them to have direction and love in their lives.  For them to continue to see Jesus moving and working in their lives.


much love!


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