i have a secret…


I was trying to think of a big, fancy way to say this…but I couldn’t.
Instead, I’ll just state it, plain and simple…I’m going moving to Uganda!
With this lovely girl:

July 2011.Brasov, Romania
Chandler and me in Brasov, Romania (July 2011)


Chandler and I are moving to Uganda at the end of September!  If you don’t know, or don’t remember, I was on a team with ChaCha for the first 8 months of our WorldRace.

In January, I received a random text from Chandler, “Mukono, Uganda, August/September.  You in?”
My Response, “Yes.  But what are you talking about?”

Little did either of us know that the other had been feeling led to go back to Uganda.  Back to this:

March 2011.Mukono, Uganda
The kids of Champions Primary School (March 2011)


We had both been praying on our own about the possiblity of returning to Uganda.  Neither of us knew the other one was also feeling led to Uganda.  We both felt we were supposed to go back to the community we were in before; but neither of us wanted to go on our own.  When I received that text from her, I was so surprised and really excited.  Excited about the possibility of going back to faces such as:

March 2011. Mukono, Uganda
two of the kids before church one Wednesday (March 2011)


I think the best way for me to describe what Chandler and I are doing is to say, “we are going to start living life there.”  We want to love on those kids and that community; to help in whatever capacity we can.  What will that look like?  Not sure yet; but I am excited to see what God does.

Especially for those of you that are just finding out about this, you probably have a great deal of questions for me.  Please, feel free to ask me.  I don’t mind.  In fact, I kind of like talking about this:)  Also, the questions help prepare me for leaving.  So please, ask away!


much love!


One thought on “i have a secret…

  1. I don’t like anything about this blog.
    I think it just hit. for real.
    As I’m sitting in my office reading this, I burst into tears.
    Love you.
    SO proud of you.
    So honored to be your friend and to know that you’re doing exactly what our Father has for you.
    SO thankful God created the creator of Skype.
    Love love love you.

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