next steps

It was so great to spend the last week with this one:
April 13, 2012.KY-OH-WV
Samantha and I at Aimee’s wedding (in April)

We didn’t really do much, but we just hung out and talked about life and such.  Sometimes that’s just needed.  She spent the summer in Australia; so we were able to tell stories about Australia and Puerto Rico, which was awesome.  Samantha’s just a great person and my time with her was much needed!

I am really excited, while I was at Samantha’s, Chandler and I  partnered with an organization.  World Outreach Ministries will help as my Stateside office while we are in Uganda.  They will send tax deductible receipts to my supporters and facilitate online donations to my account.  None of my plans have changed, just all of my support will go through them now.

Chandler and I were talking the other day, and we can’t believe how soon we leave.  How soon until we are back with the kids and the community we left in Mukono, Uganda.
March 2011.Mukono, Uganda
Chandler and Angel

Less than a month and a half.  But, in that time there is much that needs to be done.  One step at a time.

My current step: mailing lists.
I intend to send out e-mail newsletters; not really sure how often yet.  And I know World Outreach Ministries (WOM) will send out prayer letters and updates to actual physical addresses.
If you would like to be a part of my mailing lists, please let me know.  Either let me know your physical address or your e-mail address.  You can either leave a comment or e-mail me (

March 2011.Mukono, Uganda
after church one Sunday

Current step 2: support.
Honestly, I think this is the hardest part about going back to Uganda for me, having to raise support.  But I am really excited for Uganda and the opportunity to go there and love on the community in Mukono.  I can’t go on my own; if you would like to join with me on my upcoming journey / adventure, your prayer and financial support would be greatly appreciated.

At the top of the page there is link to my support information.  In the header there is a section that says, “Support me.”  Click on that.  It will take you to a new page that gives you more information on supporting me financially through this journey.

Thank you everyone for the love and prayers and support!
much love!


3 thoughts on “next steps

  1. man. I get ya! When I was in Uganda this summer we drove right through Mukono…past ya’lls church and everything to get to Adrift. Don’t worry not much has changed!!! Hey you guys should visit this orphanage we found in Jinja. The girl who runs it is from FL and she’s frickin’ awesome! Helen is her name….Amani is the orphanage. It’s near that pizza place, Sergio’s. She’s our age; she’d be so fun to hang out with every now and then too. 🙂
    I can pass along her contact if you guys want!
    Proud of you bud! excited for what’s ahead!
    lots of love!

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