that’s so PR…

Last Sunday and this coming one I’m sharing about what I’ve been doing and what’s coming up for me.  Part of that includes Puerto Rico.  I wanted to share the video and some of the pictures with all of you.

Luquillo, Puerto Ricomy team (Tyler, Natalia, Me, and Taylor)

CasaBlanca, Puerto Rico
our house in CasaBlanca, Puerto Rico

CasaBlanca, Puerto Ricoview from our roof

Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
in El Yunque (the only tropical rainforest in North America)

Carolina, Puerto Rico
Tyler proud of our successfully shopping for 48 people at Sam’s Club

Luquillo, Puerto Rico
last day at Diego

Diego.Luquillo, Puerto Rico
Ashley and her glitter-gloss

The song in the video was written and sung by the girls from our first week!  The video goes through the sequence of our day, meaning the clips start with morning devotions and loading the bus for the day, working with the kids, then progress throughout the day to our time at the house during the evening; but it’s not meant to represent a”typical day” or anything like that:)  I hope you enjoy:

Only 14 days until I leave for Uganda…oh man.  So hard to believe!

much love!


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