what’s in a number?

Twelve days.
Sometimes 12 seems HUGE.
Other times, it seems so small.

To help illustrate the craziness I’m feeling amidst these 12 days, I came up with a little something I’d like to call, “The Twelve Days of Uganda.”  [Think Christmas time and The Twelve Days of Christmas].
These are not things my true love gave to me, but rather they are things I will be taking or am doing in these last twelve days:

Twelve lists to keep me organized
Eleven trips to stores
Ten different tank tops
Nine coffee dates with friends
December 2011.Michigan
I always enjoy my time with these two (Colleen & Ellie)

Eight pairs of earrings
Seven blue pens
Six last soft-serve ice creams
Karuizawa, Japan.September 2011
ice cream filled slushie combo in Japan

Five books to read
Four sticks of deodorant
Three airline tickets
Two blank journals
One big back pack
Dehri-on-Sone, India.April 2011
yep, one that’s big enough for me to fit inside:)

Please let me know if you’d like to talk or skype or what-not before I leave…things might be a little chaotic here, but friends are definitely muy importante!

much love!


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