we saw the president!

This week was the 50 year Golden Jubilee of Uganda’s independence from Great Britain.  Tuesday was the official Independence Day, but yesterday the President came to Mukono.

Mukono, Uganda.October 12, 2012
Cha Cha and I waiting

Little did Chandler and I really know what to expect.  The gathering was held on a large field at a school about an hour from where we live.  On the perimeter of the field were large white tents with at least 100 chairs set up in each, while different school children and military personnel covered the field; there were several thousands of people there.

Mukono, Uganda.October 12, 2012
This does not even come close to doing the place justice; there were so many people there.

We had been told President Museveni would be arriving at 10 and we should be home by lunch.  Haha.  I think around 11:30 or so, Pastor informed us they seemed to be keeping to African time (running a bit late) and we may not be leaving until 2 or 3.  I don’t even think the President arrived until 2:30 or so.  [We left there around 6ish]

But, it was a good day.  Different groups and schools sang or danced throughout the day.  Before the president spoke, all of the groups on the field were presented to him, starting with the marching bands and the military and police, followed by the school groups and organizations representing Mukono.

Mukono, Uganda.October 12, 2012
President Museveni speaking

He intended to speak in English, but the crowd persuaded him to speak in local language; so, unfortunately, I have no idea what he actually said.  But I know part of the intent of him coming to Mukono yesterday was to commission the road development project.  They are wanting to improve the condition of roads, making it easier for people to get to market or just use in every-day life.  Different areas are supposed to be receiving a grater and other tools to help them work on the roads.

Yesterday may have been a long day, but a cool experience none the less.  Uganda was able to celebrate it’s 50th year of independence this week, that’s pretty great!

much love!


2 thoughts on “we saw the president!

  1. So cool to see your pictures and fun to hear that you got to see the President! It sounds like your day was long but what a great way to spend it – surrounded by people. Will continue to pray for you and Chandler. God is good to have allowed you to be in Mukono again. 🙂

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