i want to ride my bicycle…

Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?
What about with another passenger?

Boda bodas, or motorcycles, are a pretty typical way to get around here in Uganda.  Would you like to join Chandler and me on part of our ride the other day?

That was not bad at all.  There are so many time we weave in and out of busy traffic.

Kampala, Uganda.October, 2012
imagine riding a boda boda through this…because, no, you don’t sit and wait:)

People will usually ride a boda just for short trips, like getting into town; however, earlier this week Chandler and I took one into Kampala and back, which is about an hour, each way.  Thus our dirt-covered faces:

Mukono, Uganda.October, 2012
please note the dirt line mid-cheeks (from wearing sunglasses)

much love!


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