Do you remember the first time you used a computer?
Can you imagine your life without one?
What about the internet?

How much different do you think your life would be without computers or the internet?

One of my first thoughts was, I would not be writing this blog right now and you would not be reading it.  For me, being here in Uganda, communicating with people at home would look very different, no Skype, emails, or Facebook.

Mukono, Uganda.October 2012
some of the terms we worked on with the students


Chandler and I had the opportunity to teach some students at the school computers and internet.  The first thing we asked the class was how many of them had seen a computer before?  Not everyone had their hand raised.  It’s hard imagining never even having seen or used a computer.


Mukono, Uganda.October 2012
students gathered around Chandler, as they surf the internet

It was such an awesome opportunity for us to share something that is so common and part of everyday life for us.  We showed them a little bit of what a computer can do with storing photos, playing music, and taking a video; then we let the students see what it is like to search for something on the the internet.

I think the hardest part of that teaching experience was not some of the students’ lack of understanding, but rather knowing that this is one of the few times in life some of these students will ever use a computer.


much love!


One thought on “un-plugged

  1. wow.
    even having been there, I still find it hard to think/remember that so many people do not have access to a computer.
    It’s so easy for me to take technology for granted.
    even now, i’m typing this on my laptop — when my phone w/ internet is next to me, i have a desktop computer in my apartment office & a desktop computer in my office-office.
    thanks for reminding me of how wealthy/blessed of a nation I live in.

    keep loving on the people of Mukono.
    keep loving well.
    praying for you every day.
    love you.

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