picturing two weeks

What does two weeks look like for me in Mukono, Uganda?

Well, there isn’t really a typical week for Chandler and me; so I thought I would share a few pictures from the past couple of weeks to give you a glimpse at what life has been like.


Since arriving in Uganda, we have been in rainy season, but this month we are truly learning what that can mean.
Some days the sun barely comes out and it will pour for an hour or more, non-stop.November 2012.Mukono, Ugandathe impending storm clouds as we start to make our way to school


For about 5 days, we didn’t have power; it was turned off by the city.
They would turn it on for maybe an hour, before noon each day…charge those electronics!
November 2012.Mukono, Uganda
our “torch” for seeing things in our room at night


We went to Kampala for a long weekend to help out with Tukutana.
Chandler and I helped package items and prepare them to send to market in America.
November 2012.Kampala, Uganda
some of the paper-bead necklaces we packaged

November 2012.Kampala, Uganda
other items we were busy packaging


If you read my newsletter, I talked about harvesting maize (corn); well, we also helped with the next step, taking it off the cob.
Now that the maize is de-cobbed, the kernels will be taken into town to be ground into flour for making different types of food.
November 2012.Mukono, Uganda
removing the maize kernels from the cob


Our church hosted a three day conference and open-air revival, in a village about an hour’s drive from here.
Chandler and I attended the first day of it.
November 2012.Mukono (Chocorua Village), Uganda
the choirs singing at the revival


Everyday, there are kids from the school that are picked up in the morning and dropped off at the end of the day.
Some afternoons, Chandler and I ride the van out to the villages, hanging out with the kids as they are being dropped.
November 2012.Mukono, Uganda
the van, filled well-beyond capacity, ready to take the kids home


Beyond what you can see in these pictures, my time is full of kids at the school and the house.  I now know how to play a Ugandan card game, aptly called, “card game;” it is similar to Uno, but with a normal deck of cards.
There are times when I just want my own time or space, but then the love and joy from the kids is so contagious.

much love!


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