what is on my heart

One year ago, I felt like I was supposed to be in Mukono, Uganda; but I didn’t know why.  Nine months ago, it was planned; Chandler and I were going to Mukono in the fall.  Six months later, I was getting ready to leave, but still not sure what all we were going to do while in Uganda.

on the plane, ready to leave for Uganda

Chandler and I, on the plane, ready to leave for Uganda

Basically, Chandler and I were planning on coming back to the community, within Mukono, that we lived in during our month on the WorldRace, in March 2011.  We felt called to be with the kids at Champions Christian Primary School.  Neither of us wanted to come in with an agenda, saying we will do x, y, and z; we were joining their community and becoming a part of their lives.

We quickly learned the school year was about to end and the students were preparing to take their final exams before going on holiday until February.  But Chandler and I spent time hanging out, getting to know the kids and trying to integrate into school.  It was important to us to not be a distraction every time we came to school; and Chandler and I have noticed a change where we can walk by the classrooms and all the kids don’t shout after us.

students at Champions
some of the kids at Champions

Also, since arriving at the end of September, Chandler and I have been regularly meeting with Pastor Joseph and the head teacher of the school.  It has been a great opportunity for all of us to get to know one another better and to find out more about the school, the church, and this community.  They have also taken us to visit a couple of different schools in this area that they want to be like some day.

But what does all of this mean?
Check back, my next blog will finish this story and where this is leading us!

much love!


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