goodbyes, planes, and asia

Monday morning was bittersweet.
I had to say goodbye to the family.  To all the kids.  To this:

[top L] Marion and Kata, [top R] Mercy…[lower L] Joet, and [lower R] Ronnie

But, it’s not goodbye forever.  Not at all!

The kids at our school are currently on holiday until February 4th.  We have learned this means most of them are not even around during this time.  At first, Chandler and I were not sure what this time would look like for us.

As we began working on plans for the library project, Chandler felt her time could better be spent in America for the next three months.  I didn’t feel like I was supposed to go home, but I also didn’t want to be “alone” here for three months.

So instead, I get to see this one for Christmas!

amy learn.nepal hike
with Amy Learn in Nepal on the WorldRace

Doors opened for me to go to SE Asia until the end of January.  I will be with Amy in Cambodia, living life and doing ministry with her until mid-January; then I will go to Thailand.  In Thailand I am going up to to the North, mainly to Chaing Mai; while there I will be with Samara, another squad-mate from the World Race, and travel to see my translator from my month in Thailand.

Even though there are so many details that are lacking or up in the air, I am excited about the next month and a half.  I am so thankful for this opportunity to still be doing ministry, while not being alone and seeing some friends!

much love!


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