making decisions

How do you make a hard decision?

Not those every-day, hard decisions, like, what day should we . . . ?
How can we . . . ?
Or, what should we buy at the market?

photoat Russian Market, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

But the really tough decisions.
You know, those ones that don’t seem to have a right or wrong answer.
So, you can talk to people, ask for advice, but in the end, you really just have to make the decision.

I know prayer is important.
Also, not doing something too hastily.

How do YOU make those tough decisions?

much love!

(this is not about deciding whether or not to leave Uganda or stopping the library project or anything like that:)


One thought on “making decisions

  1. I usually mull it over with a friend while walking through foreign cities & eating soft serve ice cream.
    & I don’t make big decisions well.
    I just go for it. & then I decide later if it was good or not.
    I’m not helpful, am I?

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