stuck at the border

Have you ever heard the phrase that basically goes, we make plans, God laughs?
As I’m thinking about my transition from Cambodia to Thailand, that just popped into my head, but in a totally good way.
Let me tell you a little bit more about this transition…

The plan:
9pm (Friday night) – I would be picked up from the ticket booking office and taken to the bus station [Phnom Penh, Cambodia]
9:30 – the bus would leave Phnom Penh, hopefully I’d sleep all night until the bus drops me at the border
7:30am (Saturday) – border would just be opening and I do all that fun stuff
8:30ish – get back on the “same bus” (just a different one from the same company waiting at the other side of the border)
12:00pm – arrive in Bangkok, Thailand


sunset in Bangkok
sunset during my walk in Bangkok tonight


So what actually happened:
9:40pm (Friday) – the tuk tuk finally arrived to pick me up and Amy and I said good-bye
10:45pm – the bus arrived at the station.  Despite not having any leg room and bags at my feet, I was still able to sleep on and off throughout the ride, PTL!
7:35am (Saturday) – depart the bus in Poi Pet, Cambodia.  Take a tuk tuk with a Cambodian family to the border
9:50 – make it through the departure from Cambodia and arrival to Thailand lines at the borders.  Find a van that took my bus ticket and said to join the other passengers, “we will get to Bangkok”
12:00pm – finally leave Aranyapathet (the Thai border town); where my fellow passengers and I have been waiting outside a guesthouse restaurant for the bus to pick us.
3:50 – get dropped off in a really touristy area of Bangkok


Khao San Road
view of Khao San Road from my hostel window


And why did I start by saying God laughed at my plans:
Sometimes it can be frustrating, especially when you are already going to be traveling a long time, when things start to go off schedule or start taking longer.  But the bus station was the first of multiple interactions with some great people through out this travel night/day.

I’ll give you a quick glimpse of the interactions I had:
-lady with a beautiful smile who got a kick out of me smiling at her (she plays a part later, too:)
-a diabetes doctor who works in Phnom Penh all week, then goes about 40km from the Poi Pet border to volunteer during the weekend.  He told me some Cambodian history and about ancestry there.
-beautiful smile lady…her family helped me from the bus to the border in Cambodia; even took me in their tuk tuk for free
-a high schooler from Australia who made part of my line waiting more interesting, by being able to help him start to process and transition home from working with child trafficking in Thailand and Cambodia for 2 weeks
-2 guys from Argentina that made the 4 hours to Bangkok much more interesting
-a cashier who went out of her way to help me with a SIM card for my phone; she even set it all up for me

I wouldn’t have chosen this day to happen this way…I mean you can see my plan; it wasn’t supposed to.  But God has bigger and better things planned.


much love!


2 thoughts on “stuck at the border

  1. 🙂
    the first thought that went through my head: “world race. chh chh.”

    love that you’re safe in Thailand.
    super jealous.
    thank you for sharing.
    I SO appreciate how well you handles situations like this. yes, it could have been super easy to get frustrated & not take the time to interact with others along your journey.
    God is so good.
    praying for you as you are in Thailand. Give AmyD & Samara hugs for me, please.
    love you!

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