i’m not dying…

…but i do have malaria.

I know it has been quite some time since I last wrote anything, and I apologize for that.  There are many things I would love to share with you about my trip to Cambodia and Thailand, returning to Uganda, or basically just life in general.  But, I’m I’m going to keep this brief because I need to rest (and I’m about to fall asleep for the nth time today:)

Although I’ve only been back in Uganda since Friday afternoon, I haven’t been feeling well for a little while.  I went to the clinic yesterday and tested positive for malaria.  (Don’t worry, malaria may sound scary, but it’s prevalent here, like having pneumonia or bronchitis in the States).  I have between 20 and 30 pills a day I need to take, for the next 4 days or so.

checking my blood and the tablets I have to take


If I had to have malaria anywhere, I would choose to have it here.  The obvious reason would be because the doctors know what to do; but my main reason is because of my home-care!

Photo on 2-2-13 at 5.08 PM
having fun with the children who are helping to take care of me:)


Last night we were all watching tv, and one of them had me lay down, then started rubbling my head.  One of them brushed my hair earlier today because she knew I was too tired.  Or they will just come and sit with me or have me lay on a mat outside with them.  I can’t even do justice to how much these kids have done for me.

I feel so blessed and so loved being here.

much love!


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