beauty of hail

Life here is definitely different.  There are reminders of that all the time:

-having to climb out from under my mosquito net every morning
-it’s possible to go through a whole day with no running water [including bathing]
-vegetables, which used to be a staple in my diet, have now become what I eat the least
-sometimes laundry takes three days because “the cloth-es have refused to dry”
-when I exercise, I have 1 to 3 kids who join me

photo copy 2
after exercising this morning with Joet and Ronnie


Sometimes I think about the differences in lifestyles between here and America; but more often than not, my day just happens.  Yesterday though, we had a huge storm, followed by hail, which made me stop and think.

You’re probably thinking, “Hail, what’s the big deal?!”

Well to the people I was surrounded by, it was.  It definitely wasn’t the first time they had seen “ice falling from the sky,” (as they call it), but the joy and excitement they had was incredible.

One kid left class to collect some in a cup and take it back with him.  A couple of the adults I was with ran outside to grab handfuls of it.  I was offered a piece of ice to eat, by a lady who was laughing and smiling so contagiously; I couldn’t do anything but smile and laugh with them.

Moses with ice he collected to enjoy


We tend to make life so complicated and let ourselves get too busy; then we miss the things like eating ice that falls from the sky.  A hailstorm has never been quite so beautiful to me.


much love!


3 thoughts on “beauty of hail

  1. I find it quite ironic that I miss you and we only got to spend a total of 2 weeks together! If money fell from the sky I would fly to Uganda….and that is saying a lot because its Africa (some of my hardest months on the race!) Love you!

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