i left the school

My lack of communication could be interpreted in many different ways.  Here are some options:
a.  I still have malaria
b.  I’m just living life and working daily
c.  I left the school and didn’t know how to tell everyone
d.  I forgot about blogging
e.  A wild chimpanzee somehow came into Mukono and kidnapped me
f.   I decided to join the road construction crew

So why do you think I’ve been silent?


Perhaps I did join a construction crew:

photo-2or this sign makes me laugh every time I see it
“thank you for letting me know the road works!”


But, if you chose option b, then you are correct.

Life has been fairly routine recently.  Which is nice in many ways.

This week, one of the people who works in the office is out; taking a certificate exam for accounting.  In her absence, I have been spending my days in there (without helping in Baby class) to do some of her work.  Although I’ve never worked in a school before, working in a Ugandan office is much different from working in an American office.


Soon, possibly even tonight, I am making pancakes (American style:) with Elizabeth for supper.  Chandler and I are pretty excited to share this classic food with the family.  I’ll let you guys know what they think!


much love!


Oh and ps: I’m over the malaria.  PTL!


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