quick trip to America

I never expected that Friday night I would be eating dinner in America; let alone my Ugandan family enjoying the meal with me.

For many years now I have enjoyed cooking pancakes; somehow they have become a favorite of mine to create in the kitchen.  Just ask my family, they have probably eaten more random flavored pancakes than most families:)

For a couple of weeks, Elizabeth (my Ugandan mum) and I had talked about me making American pancakes for the family.  I gave her the list of ingredients we needed and knew it would happen at some point.  Since last Sunday evening, she had been telling me, “Tomorrow…”  Well, Friday evening rolled around and it was finally time!

Me telling you I cooked supper for everyone in this house probably doesn’t help you have a complete picture.  Let me fill in some details of this event:
-Pancakes were made to feed at least 10 people; and something you need to know about Ugandans, they can eat A LOT of food
-I mixed the batter in a basin:

doesn’t really do it justice, but batter in the basin

-We cooked by candlelight.  [We hadn’t had power all day, but there are no lights in the kitchen anyways.]
-The pancakes were cooked on a charcoal stove, one at a time.
-The charcoal was a bit too hot, so many of the pancakes got too dark (but they liked the burnt ones anyways – they were nicknamed the black wolves after characters in a tv show here:)
-Elizabeth made meat to go along with the pancakes
-The kids, who were hanging out in there the whole time, loved getting the babies – any mini pancake or piece of scrap left in the pan between actual pancakes

the kitchen crew
[Elizabeth is behind me] with Ronnie, Mercy, Joet, and Kata

-Since there was no power, no tv, so we needed entertainment…they had me tell them the story of Finding Nemo


Before starting to make the pancakes, I was praying there would be enough to feed everyone.  It all worked out.  I don’t think I have ever had such a good time making pancakes, and like I mentioned before, I like making pancakes.


my plate of food, trust me, it tasted much better than this picture looks:)


As we were eating, Elizabeth exclaimed, “This is a great night.  We are in America now.”


much love!



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