can you relate?

Have you ever sat in a room where more than one group was meeting at the same time?
What about a classroom where more than one class was being taught in that room?
How about going to classes daily without any books?  Only notebooks and a pen.

working on some of the books for baby class

When it is time to take a test, the teacher writes all the questions on the board, the whole class copies them onto sheets of paper, then proceeds to take the test.
Has that ever happened to you?

Maybe you can relate to some this.  Maybe you can’t relate at all.  But, this is reality for the students at Champions Christian Primary School here in Mukono, Uganda.  For a long time, there were four classes being taught in the one room of the church; Just the beginning of this school year it was reduced to two classes.

Primary Six, busy learning

A few months ago I wrote this blog and this one, trying to convey what has been placed on my heart for this school and the vision we have with our library project.  Although I haven’t said much about the library in the past couple of months, we have been working on things and trying to get details figured out.

Not all of the details are ironed out, but I do have some long-awaited information for you.  Chandler and I had initially talked about a simple, one-room building in this certain area of the property, but we soon learned that area was not possible; we also learned the size of the building will most-likely also change.  After discussing with the architect and pastor how our idea of a small building changed into a two story building, in order to include 2 to 3 classrooms, I understood.  That is where my heart is now too; if it is possible to get all of our school’s classes (grades) into their own classrooms, I think we should!

A pastor-friend of the church and school has been busy digging out the area where the library will be built.  It is so cool to see a difference already from what the property used to look like, to being able to clearly see that there will be a building there in the near future!

Pastor Lawrence working on the future site of the library!

Currently, plans are being re-drawn and revised; I hope to have them soon to share.  Even if I can’t give you a visual of the building, I can tell you we estimate this library project to cost $25,000.

Will you consider partnering with Chandler and me to build a library and some classrooms for Champions Christian Primary School in Mukono, Uganda?

Here’s how you can be a part of building this library for Champions Christian Primary School:
support us financially**
if you have any connections to get our books over here, please let me know, we are still trying to figure out how to get our books from America to Uganda
be in prayer, this is a big project and I know that God has it all planned and in control!

If you have any questions, about the school, the kids, this project, or how many times this week I ate beans:)  Please let me know!

much love!

**to financially support this project, please click the support me tab above the title of this blog.  Please notify me or make a memo somewhere during the support process that this is for “Read like Champions,” so the money doesn’t get mixed with my personal support!


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