two surprises, an impound, and a wedding

As I sit writing this, I am not sitting on my bedroom floor or my bed in Mukono (my two typical blog writing locations).
But I am sitting on my bed
…in Michigan.

Last Wednesday night I walked through the door and totally surprised my mom, which was pretty great.

my family, all together for the first time in over seven months

One of my good friends is getting married in two days, and I have the honor of being in her wedding, thus this trip to America.  My time here is really short, I am only in the States for a total of two weeks; but so far it has been really good and not even close to mundane:)

On my way here, I had a layover in Brussels, Belgium.  New stamp in my passport, I think so!

thought I found the Grand Palace, but really, I’m not so sure what building I found

Not only did I surprise my mom, but I also surprised one of my friends, by showing up to her graduation at Indiana Wesleyan University.

with Carmen after she became a college graduate!

Tuesday, I took a 2:15am bus to Chicago, to spend the day with my Suminta!

pictures in cars never get old:)
with Samantha, right before she left me to get my bus back to MI

We had a great day, despite walking back to her car at one point and it was gone.  Definitely a first for both of us, her car had been towed and impounded.  Everything worked out and we just laughed about this for the rest of the day!


Being here has been such a whirl-wind.  I feel like I have been non-stop with seeing people and trying to figure out what all needs to happen before I go back home to Uganda.  I am so thankful for this opportunity.

much love!


2 thoughts on “two surprises, an impound, and a wedding

  1. Just read your blog, Bethany. How fun that you could surprise your mom! Enjoy, enjoy your remaining days in the US. It was telling that you referred to going “back home to Uganda.” Praying for you most days and very interested in all that’s happening in your life!

  2. Just make sure you tell mum & dud plus the sister of how much we miss&love them so much. Enjoy yo remaining days in US!

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