back to Uganda

Late Thursday night, I landed safely in Uganda.  After two crazy, but great weeks in America, I was back here to my home in Mukono.  My time in the States felt very short; it was packed full of visits with family and friends, many questions about life in Uganda and the library we’re building, and a time well spent at a wedding for a great friend.

with Colleen, Mere and Nicole while getting ready for the wedding
the four of us have been friends for quite some time now, and were in a different wedding 5 years ago:)


Upon returning to Uganda, I had about two days with Chandler, then we took her to the airport so she could go back to America for three weeks.

Yesterday, I was asked to say something to the church about my trip.  I figured this would happen, so I was prepared to speak a few words in Luganda; but Peter, my translator did not know I was going to be speaking in Luganda.  My sentences may have been very simple and partially incorrect, but the look of surprise on Peter’s face and the reaction from the church at my speaking their language was great!

On Friday evening, my Ugandan family left for the village for a big family meeting (reunion).  They were planning on coming back yesterday afternoon; supposedly they will return today.  In the meantime, I have been hanging out with Hope and Jennifer (oh and baby Joshua).  These two women are both around 23 and are really great.  The three of us are really hoping the power comes back on soon; it’s been out since late Saturday morning and we are now running out of water!

jerry-can of water.
we have been using up our supply, so this and another one is needed to bathe, brush teeth, do dishes, cook, clean, and flush my toilet


Just today, things have begun to slow down; I was even able to take a nap and rest for a bit.


Don’t you worry, later this week, I will be writing an update on the library project!


much love!


2 thoughts on “back to Uganda

  1. Love that you’re back to your Ugandan home. So great to see you. Proud of you for being diligent in learning Lugandan. Praying for you & your family there & the library project. Love you!

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