more than just a library

When I was just in America, and people would find out I live in Uganda, the next question was usually, “What are you doing there?”

“Well, living life, working with a school, and helping build a library.”

I really enjoyed when that conversation would go farther, and I was able to more fully talk about what I was doing here and what was going on with the library.  It really is more than just a library; at least to this school and me.

P3 class about to start studying luganda


Yes, the building will contain a variety of books to expand the knowledge of these students and to be used as resources for the teachers.

But, let me take a minute and try to explain how this building has the potential to be more than just a library for this school:
It is one step in the process for Champions Christian Primary School l to become a registered school.  [Registered schools are required to have a library]
For each class (grade) to have its own room [instead of two or more sharing one large room and having to talk over one another]
Separating the school and the church, for registration purposes; currently classes and assemblies are being held in the church building.

P5 class one afternoon – one of the two classes in the church building

When I wrote a few weeks ago here about the library, I mentioned a two-story building.  Somehow, during the two weeks I was gone, the plan turned into a three story building; so one floor library and two floors of classrooms.  It may seem a little strange that all of a sudden the plans just changed and expanded, but being here and being with this school, I completely understand.

Classes are getting bigger.  By the middle of first term, both Baby and Middle classes (3 & 4 and 4 & 5 year olds) each had over 50 students.  That is too many students for one classroom and for one teacher to handle.  Those classes need to be streamed (divided) but there is currently no space to do that.  There is a need for more classrooms, so if possible, why not try to build more?!

some of the champions at are school during chapel one Friday


Would you like to be a part of building this library and these classrooms?
With your help, I know these kids children have the chance to have new classrooms and a more enriched educational future.

The Finances:
the building:        $25,000
what we have:    $15,100
what we need:   $9,900

[We’ve also been given $7,000 towards shipping and tables/shelves!  PTL!]

Click here if you would like to find out how to support financially.
Any amount is greatly appreciated and goes a long way!  [please send me or World Outreach an email if you donate to the library so it can remain separate from my personal support]


much love!


We are working on information for getting the books over here; as soon as I have details I will let you know.  If we need more books, I will definitely share that information!


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