straight talk

A poem:
Two roads diverged in the woods
and I took the road less traveled
and it hurt man!
Really bad!
Rocks, thorns, and glass
…my pants broke!
Not cool Robert Frost!



I had forgotten about that video, but was just reminded of it when I went to write this blog; which was perfect.
Lately, I’ve needed a pep talk and I’m not completely sure the reason.

Living here in Uganda has been very challenging recently.  I’m not quite sure why.
Maybe it was taking the short trip back to America and now I’m having to re-adjust back.

I am tired; maybe that’s it.
And it’s not just an I need more sleep tired, but every type of -ally tired (mentally, physically…)

Then there is the possibility of how exhausting it feels (at least for me) to always be SO different.
Norms in America are not norms in my life here.
Having to constantly explain myself and actions can be tiresome.

But despite all of that, I am still so thankful for the opportunity to be here.  Daily, I feel so blessed by the people in my life.

Yesterday, one of the World Race teams that is currently here, invited me to spend the day with them in Jinja (about an hour ride from here).  It was so great to hang out with a bunch of mazungus; to just have conversations and relax.

with 5 of the 6 girls
[l to r] Allyson, Hayden, me, Jen, Liz and Amanda


Sunday had been a really good day; I was walking home from hanging out with the WR teams, but, for some reason I was tried and just frustrated with life.  All of that changed when a man from the church who drives boda (motorcycle) saw me and asked if I was walking home; he told me to get on.  The whole way home we had great conversation.  It was such a blessing and just what I needed in that moment!

Life isn’t easy, no matter where you live.  There are always challenges and things that can make us tired and frustrated.  But like he’s says in the video:

We got work to do.
We can cry about it or we can dance about it.
We were made to be awesome.
Let’s get out there!


much love!


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