Wednesday, I was invited over to Pastor’s house for the day (including breakfast), to spend time with the World Race teams since one of them would be leaving the next day.

Overall, it was a good day with some great conversations and laughs, but there were some bumps in between.  Let me tell you about those.

We were finishing up church [worship and a message] with the teams and Frida; we were all gathering to pray healing over a few people on the team.  One of the ladies who was sitting outside stood up to come inside, but in the process hit her head on the open window.  There was a loud thud and quite a bit of blood.  Jen was taken to the clinic and given about six stitches.

Not long after they returned from the clinic, I was hanging some of their laundry on a line to dry.  At some point I stepped back and onto a board with two nails sticking out of it.  Well, one of those nails went through my flip flop and into the bottom of my foot.  Needless to say, my foot has had quite some pain, but it will be ok!

with Jen, the trooper with her head injury


Despite Jen’s visit to the clinic and my incident with the nail, I still had a good time with the teams.  It has been really refreshing and encouraging to have them here.

much love!


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