building in the rain

Have I ever told you about the rain here?  I remember telling you about the ice falling from the sky here; but have I attempted to describe our rain storms?

Even after living here since the end of September, the rain still amazes me.

Joet all wet from playing in the rain


I don’t know what the rain is like where you’re from; but where I’m from in America it doesn’t usually down-pour for longer than spurts of 20 minutes or so.  Here, the sky can let loose for upwards of an hour, possibly stop for a bit, then start again.  We can have heavy rain for a few hours, without much of a break.

Saturday, I took a short video of the rain.  Trust me, this does not do it justice:
But please, notice how much fun Joet is having!


Despite the rain that we can get, even daily, life continues here.
People walk where they need to go.
Classes are taught, although there is wind water coming through the windows.
Things continue in the office, even if you can’t hear anything over the hail pounding on the tin roofs.
And slowly by slowly progress is being made at the school and on the library!

I finally have a copy of the plans to share with you!

[top] the front of the building
[bottom] lay-out for a floor


No word yet on if the plans have officially been approved, but that should be happening any day now.

The area for our library and classrooms has gotten bigger.  The space has gotten a bit deeper and wider in the last month or so;  although you might not be able to tell in a picture.

where the library and classrooms will be built


It’s not too late for you to help build the library and classrooms!
To build the library and two floors of classrooms it will cost: $25,000
We still need about $8,900
Any amount is greatly appreciated and goes a long way!


much love!


Click here if you would like to find out how to support financially.
[please send me or World Outreach an email if you donate to the library so it can remain separate from my personal support]


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