i went to jail

Have you ever seen a police officer or security guard in Uganda?  They usually carry large guns.  Sometimes they look like this:

Ugandan police officers [from website]

or  this

security guards [from website]

They’re kind of intimidating.  Especially when they climb in your van to help protect everyone from the handcuffed thieves that had climbed in before him…

Saturday, I had planned to walk to town, run a couple of errands, then walk back.  That’s not quite how things went down.

Soon after leaving home, I received a phone call from Pastor who ended up picking me from the side of the road.  He proceeded to explain that they were on their way to the police station to pick up some police and the two thieves who had stolen some items from him and a team that was at their house a couple of months ago; he thought it would be good if I went with them.

At the police station we loaded the van with a couple of inspectors, the boys that robbed pastor’s house, and an armed police officer.  On the way to the first boy’s house we picked up the area council-woman [you can’t search a house with out the council person – even though the police had proof].  In the first house an iPod and computer bag were recovered.  As we were leaving, a very distraught mother was wailing at her son, while he just brushed her off.  At the second house, nothing was recovered.  That mom basically said she knew her son steals and gets in trouble with the law, but oh well – such a difference from the first house.

Statements were made.  Paper work was filed out.  The police are convinced that the boys will give up the location of the rest of the items that were stolen.


I think that was my most interesting walk to town yet!


much love!


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