fishy expectations

At training camp for the WorldRace, almost three years ago, they told us to let go of all expectations.  Expectations kind of became a catch-phrase; at times, even a joke to us.  But, I am reminded over and over again how important it is to not hold onto expectations.

Such as, here, you never know what to expect when someone asks you a question; especially when it comes to food.  Around lunch-time yesterday, Justine, my friend whom I work with in the office at school, asked me through the window if I take [eat] fish.

I said, “Yes, but I can go down and get my own food.”  [assuming she was asking one of the kids to get a plate of food for me]

Justine simply responded, “I want to buy for you.”

“Oh ok.  Thank you.”

Thirty seconds later, Justine disappeared and a lady walked into the office carrying a clear bucket with newspapers on top.  She walked up to me, reached a sheet of newspaper into the bucket, and proceeded to hand me a fried fish.

my fish.  pretty tasty actually:)


One would think that I know enough about expectations and assumptions to not make them anymore, especially living in a different culture.
But having reminders like these are definitely good, and usually very timely.

Have you had any reminders that you hold expectations recently?


much love!


One thought on “fishy expectations

  1. A) I’m thankful I wasn’t in your situation. That picture makes my stomach turn.
    B) this is a good reminder to release expectations. Papa has been blowing my expectations out of the water recently. It’s so good.

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