a big change

There has been a pretty big change in my African life.  I will briefly describe it, but Chandler does a much better job in her blog here.

My fellow mazungu, Chandler, has decided to go back to America for the next couple of months.

with Chandler


She felt the things needing to be done for the library could be better handled if she went home now, and I would keep up with the Ugandan side of things.

Once again, please check out her blog here for more information about what all is going on and why she is not in Uganda at this time.


much love!

BTW:  Especially you Michigan folks, please let me know if you have any children’s books [particularly middle school-aged] you would like to donate to our library:)
I will tell you where you can send them so Chandler can pick them to bring back to Uganda!


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