it has started

If eyes could take pictures
…and share them with others
If videos could actually capture ALL the little, minute details that go into a project
If my brief explanations in this blog could transform into actual conversations

I still think much would be lacking from your understanding of this whole library / classroom undertaking.

There is really nothing that can give the same meaning and depth as actually being here.

this little one, Lytone, would love to show you what is going on here!

To see how much the property at the school has changed – especially since I was here on the race in March 2011.
To hear the reactions of people in the school and church when they find out about the library.
To see first-hand why additional classrooms are more and more necessary.

From an informative meeting with Pastor and Frida, last week, where we discussed finances of “phase one” of building, things have really been moving.  This week has been really exciting.

Bricks are being delivered.  The first batch is to total 20,000; the truck making deliveries carries 1,500 at a time.  As of this afternoon when I left, there were about 18,000 bricks at the school.

the truck unloading 1,500 bricks
a pile of about 10,500 hand-made bricks

The retaining wall for next to the building is starting to be built.  [you can see it pictured below]

Seeing such tangible progress is so…
honestly, I can’t even find the right word

some of the men starting to work on the retaining wall yesterday


But right now, only building the library and stocking it is possible.
I know that building these classrooms is possible though.
Will you help me and this amazing school to build classrooms on top of the library?

What we have:
$16,600 for the building

[+ $10,000 for shipping and tables / shelves!]

What we need:

Click here if you would like to find out how to support this building financially.
[please send me or World Outreach an email if you donate to the library so it can remain separate from my personal support]

Any amount is greatly appreciated and truly goes a long way.
I know that these classrooms can and will be built!

much love!


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