end the beginning

Sunday and Monday were pretty significant days, did you know that?
At least here, in this community, they have been marked as such.
They weren’t any type of holidays or days of remembrance.
But they were simple, yet huge at the same time.

Sunday was the last day of the first half of the year and Monday was the first day of the second half.

Have you ever taken note of those two days before?
Honestly, I don’t think I have; at least not the way I did this year.

Sunday was Thanksgiving.  We were giving thanks for the first half of the year.
For things that have happened, all that we have been through, and all that we have been given.
Everyone was given the opportunity to come to the front of the church to give an offering and a testimony.

After the main part of the service we were fed lunch.

Then, the rest of the afternoon was filled with singing a dancing.

the whole church was filled with people and such an amazing sense of joy


This week, people in the church are fasting and praying for the second half of the year.
It is important to start the second half with a good attitude and heart in the right place.

It’s been such a great reminder of how much we have to be thankful for and how much can happen in six months.

Another thing they want to do while heading into the second half of the year is to start working on managing their time.
Have you ever heard the phrase African time?! [typically rather late; we’re talking in terms of being hours late]
So, this coming Sunday I, along with the Passport team, will be talking with them about time management.

If you have any ideas or good advice on time management, please feel free to share with me:)


much love!


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