trenches and diversions

Sometimes plans change.
Before a project starts, we don’t always know all of the details to come.

Last week, the plan was to start digging the foundation on Monday.
Instead, a trench had to be dug.

yep, we’re not talking a little trench, it’s pretty big


You may be asking, “Bethany, why did they have to dig a trench instead of working on the building project?”

Good question.
Well, I could answer you in great detail (because I am learning more and more about these construction things:)
But, long story short, they needed to do this before going further on the building; the trench is to divert water from coming into the future library / classroom building.  Having discovered a few springs, they knew the water needed to be diverted and taken down the hill, away from the building.

Although this was not quite the work that was planned for the beginning of this week, it’s ok.  It needs to be done.
And bonus, the diverted water will be used in the newly built kitchen [they were having to carry water, now it will be right next to where they are cooking].

this is the view from near the kitchen – at the edge of the school yard
beautiful, isn’t it?!


If you are interested in helping financially as we build the library and classrooms, you can click here*
We are about $8,000 away from being able to build 6 classrooms on top of the library!


much love!


*please let me or World Outreach know when you are giving for this project, that way the money remains separate from my personal support


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