filling a week

This week has been busy, actually, eventful might be the better word.

The foundation for the library and classrooms started being dug this past Saturday!

On Sunday, a group from a church in Hot Springs, Arkansas came and is with us until Friday.  While they are here, among other things, they wanted to help the school improve upon the existing L-shaped classroom building.  They are painting the existing windows and doors, providing more windows and doors (including knocking bricks out to have some windows put in the back for more light), and having the inside of the rooms plastered.

the “Champion blue,” as it has been dubbed, being painted on the windows by teachers Moses and Joseph


Because of the classroom renovation in the L-shaped building, all of the classes that are normally held there have had to shift locations for the week.  Middle class joined Baby in their class room to free up the room for Top and Primary one.  The Church, instead of just being used for Primary 5 and 6, Primary 2-6 are in there this week; a few of the classes are sitting together.

a glimpse into the church yesterday


Have I told you they are building a dormitory for the boys who are boarding?  That project is well underway now and they are starting to make some good progress.  The school’s eventual goal is to build a boys’ and a girls’ dorm.  The money for this project has been coming from the scholarship program.

the dorm being built behind the church, next to the bathroom


Like I mentioned earlier, they started digging the foundation for the library and classrooms!  To me, this has been really exciting.  Basically digging the foundation means they have been hand-digging four foot trenches around the edge and throughout the center of the building, then six foot holes where the columns will be put.

one of the mums digging the foundation for the building


There was a mini set-back with water in the holes, but no problem with a jerry-can and Pastor Lawrence to throw the water out scoop by scoop.  But more on the building in another post!

trench and Pastor Lawrence removing water


While all that craziness is happening, the rest of life still keeps happening.  Sunday was basically parent-teacher conferences, so we were busy with that, and we have been busy this week with parents continuing to come.  But, we continue to laugh and smile and do the work that needs to happen to help the school run.

hard at work with Justine in the office:)


And tomorrow should be a good, but long day.  I get to see the Passport team again; they are back for the night on their way back to America.  Then in the evening, the group from Arkansas has invited the community for a gathering of food at the church.

much love!


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