silent progress

I just realized it’s been a little while since I’ve written any type of update on the library.

Sorry if you feel like I’m keeping you in the dark or out of the loop or something, that has not been my intention:)

This silence does not mean nothing has been happening, because work is continuing to happen; it has just been a lot of same same.


But, last week, Thursday (the same day my Visa was approved) the plans for the building were FINALLY approved.
Yeah, probably forgot about that didn’t you?!  I know I sure did.  But, they are now officially approved!

The WorldRace teams that are here have gotten involved.
They have been moving bricks.
A lot of them.

Anika and Becca passing off the bricks


And this week, they should start building up (versus digging down)!
They have almost completed the digging of the foundation.
The water that has accumulated is in the process of being removed.

what the foundation digging looks like with the water that needs to be removed


They have also been weaving together iron rods to form baskets that will go down before the concrete is poured.  It is very hard work, but the men have been woking diligently, to get them ready for the next phase of this project!

some of the men weaving together the iron rods


the old man [as we refer to him] taking a break against completed iron rod “baskets”


Potentially, within the next couple of days, they will start to place iron rods into the foundation, pour stones, and concrete….this is such exciting news to me folks!
I can’t believe we are actually at this point.
Yes, at times it feels like a long time coming, but being here and watching the progression is just…amazing.

So that’s what’s been going on here on this side of the world.

In exciting news from the other side of the world…
The last time I gave a financial update, we were about $8,000 away from reaching the our $25,000 goal to be able to build both the library and the classrooms.
Through a generous and loving donation from members of Salem Bible Church in Salem, MI of over $2,000, combined with other recent donations,
our total is now:       $20,200
what we still need:    $4,800

There is progress.
There is much going on here, even if pictures don’t do it justice.

I wish all of you could experience and see these changes first hand,
to be here later this week when they start building-up.

Even if you can’t be here physically to support this project, if you feel lead to support financially any and every little bit helps.  Click this link to find out how.


much love!


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