week munene

^ my broken Luganda way of saying big week – week moo-nay-nay:)


Big things have happened this week.
With Madison (and Ashley) from the team, we made American pancakes and scrambled eggs for over 30 people.

having fun while cooking with Madison


The teams that were here invited me to Jinja for their debrief and a ride to Kenya with their squad.
After telling the church about the plans for the building being approved, they were handed over to me!

official stamp of approval for the building plans


Oh and progress on the building…HUGE!
They are completely done digging out all of the trench formations for the foundation.
All of the water has been removed from said trenches and column spots.
AND they have begun to build-up!!!

When I left the school yesterday night, they had stood the iron rod formations into three of the four corner columns.

placing one of the corner rods for the column


Wednesday, they started placing hard-core stones (large stones) into where the columns will go (which is 6ft deep), breaking them with a sledge hammer, then pouring a mixture of cement and stones over top.  On top of that, they will be placing wooden boxes to hold the iron baskets in place, while they pour more cement and place the first rods in place for the columns.

This is so cool to me!

Granted, I am very sad I will be missing things while I go to Kenya to rest for a couple of weeks; but I am so excited for this progress and all that is going on here.


Thank you all for your love and support of this project and all that is happening here!  Building this library and these classrooms would not be possible without you people.

We still need help though:
In order to build all three stories and provide our students with 6 new classrooms in addition to the library, we still need about $4,000.

If you are interested in helping us complete this building click here to find out how.  Any amount, big or little goes a long way.


much love!


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