time for some honesty

What is the most important part of a building?
– Since starting the Hallelujah Project (the building of a library and classrooms for Champions Christian Primary School) I have been told it is the foundation.
– I have been reminded time and again how important the foundation is for the strength of the rest of the building.
– Through a quick internet search of that question it was confirmed that the foundation is the most important part.

Why do I mention this?
For a few different reasons…

The progress on the Hallelujah Project is so great.  This past week, despite days with rain, they were able to fill the trenches with cement and soil.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAone of the hard-working ladies filling in the trenches with soil

They started placing the iron rods that go around the building for the beam.  Tomorrow they plan on finishing the beams.
They even started on one of the stairwells.

very early stages of the stairwell

Although work has been going on for a few months now with this project, we are still on the foundation level.  So much goes into the foundation.  Not just time and labor, but also resources.

As we were standing in the middle of the site, Pastor mentioned to me how much will be buried below the slab.

can you see how much will be buried below the slab?

Pastor and I have talked before about how the strength of the building comes from the foundation; the building will be crooked if the foundation is crooked.  Although it has taken so much time and so many resources, all of the money buried below the slab of the foundation is worth it for the strength of the building.

The Hallelujah Project, has been in the foundation stage; but potentially will be leaving it by next week!

Despite the amazing progress of work and all that has been poured into the building so far; we might not be able to move beyond the foundation stage at this point in time.

Coupled with some unforeseen expenses, original estimates for the cost of constructing this building are turning out to be too low.
Although we have had great support so far, there is not enough money to keep construction going for much longer.

view of what is going on site this week

We are in need of more financing to keep this project up and going.
As with any building project, there are always estimates and overruns; this one is no exception to the rule.
In all honesty, at this point in time I don’t have firm numbers of how much is needed.
But, I am estimating at least $15,000 more is needed.

If you can find it in your pocket or in heart, please send anything to help keep this project going.
Contact me or click here for more information on how to support.

much love!


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