to the ceiling…and beyond

Does anyone remember this?

when Pastor Lawrence first started digging for the building


I sure do.
That was the middle of April.

But, can you believe that has turned into this?

it’s now becoming a building!


It may have taken quite a bit of time to get from the digging, to where they could start building up the walls.
But once they started building up, it was amazing to watch how fast everything moved along.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAadding bricks to the wall


connecting iron bars inside the building


They are now at the next slab level; which means the ceiling of the ground floor  / floor of the second floor.  This week they are removing a few of the columns from the inside of the building, to make the ground floor more open.


Besides removal of the iron rods, the work is on pause for a little bit.  We don’t want the work to be paused, but it is out of necessity.
At this time, there is no money to go any further.


I can’t even describe to you how amazing watching this process has been.  I’m sure it is hard to imagine and understand what all is going on here just through my stories and pictures.
But, this Hallelujah Project was started to bring a library and additional classrooms into Champions Christian Primary School.  Although things might seem bleak right now, I trust and know everything will work out; a library, full of books, and additional classrooms, will be added to Champions through the completion of this building.


some of my kids from baby class – please notice there is a building in the background, that was not there, even two months ago – how cool is that!


If you would like to support this project financially, please click HERE to find out how.  Any and every little bit helps, and will go a long way in “raising the total man,” as the motto at Champions says.


much love!


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