a confession

You know those times when you feel more than one emotion at once?
Writing this blog, I am having one of those moments.

Remember my last update on the Hallelujah Project [the library / classroom building] – you can read that update here.

thought i’d show you a different view of the building as it is now
(it’s the unfinished one with iron rods coming out of the top:)

Well, sometime after writing that, we received estimates from a few different people, all agreeing that the slab alone [the ceiling of the ground floor / floor of the second floor] will cost around $13,000.

Meaning to complete this floor and build a second floor for classrooms, plaster both floors, and roof the building, it will be more like $43,000.

Did I want to tell you that the estimate has changed?  No.
I already had to say that the estimate had grown to $15,000.  But now to come back and have to tell you that it is now at $43,000.
Yes, I was avoiding, but I knew it had to be done.  You deserve to know.

But you also need to know that all of the money is going directly to the building and the laborers, nothing else.  So this number, although it seems large, is legit; it is for materials and the people who will be working with the materials to give these kids a library and more classrooms.

some of the kids goofing around after school

So my first emotion while writing this would have been avoidance (if that’s an emotion), if not, then I choose dread.
My second emotion is joy.

Joy to share with you that we have had some generous donations towards the slab, so the work can be continued.
Joy to tell you that because of these donations, we no longer need $40,000 to complete the building, we need about $30,000.

How will that $30,000 be raised?
Honestly, I have no idea.
Sometimes I even have my doubts that this building will be finished – due to insufficient funding.  But, then I remember that God is in control; of ALL aspects of this project, including the money.
So the money will come in.

Maybe even from you.
If you want to be a part of this project, to help build much needed classrooms for Champions Christian Primary School in Mukono, Uganda please click HERE to find out how to give financially.

much love


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