happy Thanksgiving!

Thought I would share this gem from when I was little…

with two of my cousins and my sister, circa 1992
Jenna, Emily, me, and Denae

I’ve spent many a Thanksgiving with those three:)

Before I wrap this up, I thought I would jot a quick list of things I am thankful for / make me happy this week:
-joking with Aggie as we work at the house for the conference
-being asked to help during the conference
-mail arriving from America
-face-timing with friends
-fresh cucumbers
-Joshua’s laughter as he chases after a chicken with a branch
-one of my fingers healing from infection
-Moses carrying a big stick (to beat people) as he walked me to the taxi last night
-having the opportunity to cook this week
-consistently having water the past couple of weeks

I hope everyone has a great day today!
Happy Thanksgiving!

much love


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