my name is Bethany, and i eat grasshoppers

In Luganda (the local language here) each month has two different names; there is the deep Luganda name, then the one that everybody actually uses.
The month of November is known as Museenene, or grasshopper.  It is known by that name because of all the grasshoppers that come out with the rain.

What happens with all the grasshoppers?  They are caught, sometimes fried, sold, then eaten.

Let me tell you, there is a lot of excitement that comes with this time of year.  There is shouting when nseenene [grasshoppers] are spotted and people, especially children, flock to catch them.
Lucky for us, we are still getting many grasshoppers around here!

Well, the past couple of days, various people in my house have either bought and / or caught nseenene.
After the tedious task of de-winging and de-legging all of them, they were fried, then enjoyed by all.

Here is a pictorial walk-through of what happens:

a live grasshopper


a pile of wings and legs


bowl of fried grasshoppers


don’t knock it ’til you try it:)


This might seem strange, but it’s so normal here.
Tonight, each of us had our own pile of fried nseenene we were munching on while watching the 10 o’clock news.  People sell them from buckets along the side of the street.  And I happen to think they taste pretty good!


much love


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