not quite the dark ages

Life in Africa, at least here in Uganda, is definitely different than America; for many reasons, but one prime example is life continues, basically as normal, even though it has been four days without power.
Umeme (the power company) came to the house on Monday and cut off our power; they have their said reasons, but basically the men were trying to get money.

Despite having no electricity in the house, we can still cook, eat, clean, bathe, and keep up with life.  I think the biggest differences are, there is no tv, we don’t iron our clothes (even though we can if we have to) and we have to be a bit more conservative with water, since it now has to be fetched from down the street.
Oh, and personally, the use of my computer, very minimal – thus the lack of communication from me:)

I’ve been wanting to share some good news though…
Work has finally begun again on the Hallelujah Project [library / classroom building].  There were some delays and roadblocks we were facing over the last few weeks, but God is stronger and we overcame!

The building sat, looking like this for quite some time:
a shell of a structure, waiting to be finished


But last week, they began to frame the top in order roof it / make the floor for the second story.
They also started working on building the veranda and the steps.
notice the wood planks around the top (that’s part of the framing)
and in that section all the way to the right – that’s one of the stair-wells


those are holes they have been digging for the veranda’s foundation


It’s so cool being able to watch the progress on this building.
From the first shovels of dirt being removed to the ceiling currently being framed – thank you all for your help and support.  This would not be possible without you!

Even when this level is finished to be built, the building, and this school, are still missing something – more classrooms.
The kids at Champions Christian Primary School will be so blessed by this library; but  they still need additional classrooms.  If you want to help give these kids:
a few of the boys from Top Class [like Kindergarten]


and the other students at Champions the classrooms they need, click here to find out how to support the Hallelujah Project financially.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask me:)


much love!


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