$200 and a night in the airport

Thursday morning I completed my travels from Africa to America.
Wednesday evening I had a domestic flight within Germany, then a 14 hour layover as I waited for my flight to Chicago the next morning.

last view of Africa as my plane was leaving Ethiopia
and my first view of Chicago – you can just see the temperature difference!


Although one of the most frequently asked questions I hear of recent is, “Do you know what’s next?”  I don’t know.
Honestly, at this point I don’t have answers for many questions.
My thoughts are either non-existent or a jumbled mess.

I do know I was blessed when it came to my luggage during these travels.
Flying from Uganda, Ethiopian Airlines waved the $60 fee, although my gigantic backpack was 4kg [9.5lbs] overweight.
The Monday before my flight in Germany, I called the airline there to ask a few questions, only to find out it was $200 to check my second bag…what in in the world was I going to do?!
I looked into shipping, we went to the Deutsche Post [German Post office],  we even took boxes off a street in Zurich, Switzerland for shipping my suitcase.  A cousin of Zarah’s co-worker (who happens to be from MI) offered to try to fit some of my things in her bags.  Somehow, after packing and re-packing and stepping on the scale numerous times to confirm the bags were underweight – it worked!  No fees were incurred.  PTL!

my large backpack that has traveled much and been filled to the brim – more than once:)


I also know when I woke up this morning, I had a missed call from 1:05am.
Later, the same number called me again; when I answered I was thrilled to find out it was a phone call from Uganda.
Even if the phone call lasted less than five minutes and there wasn’t a lot said; it was so great to be transported back to my home in Mukono.  To hear voices of friends and speak in Luganda again.

When people ask me questions, I may not have answers.
At this point I don’t even have answers to questions I ask myself.
But I know it’s ok.
God has everything under control; and eventually I may even have some answers.


much love!


One thought on “$200 and a night in the airport

  1. Oh travel day… I can’t believe you’re back in America! Let me know when you get settled in are are ready to meet up! I can’t wait to see you!

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