over 3,000 books and progress

12 pictures.
22 days.
3,000 books.
8,957 miles.

Although it has only been a little over twenty days since I left Mukono, Uganda, it feels like it has been a couple of months.
But me leaving did not mean that work on the Hallelujah Project [the library / classroom building] stopped.  Quite the opposite actually.

At the time of my departure, they were finishing the initial frame for the ceiling and in the process of adding more eucalyptus poles to brace everything.
inside the building, looking up (the day I left Mukono)


In the time that I have traveled thousands of miles, making my way from the warm African sun, to what seems like the Arctic Circle, much progress has been made.
Our eucaluptus poles supporting the wood which will support the concrete from falling to make the slab.
a more recent photo, looking up from inside


Additional eucalyptus poles have been added to support the continuing construction.  More wood has been added to complete the frame and also create the base for the iron rods and concrete that will be poured on top.

It has been really great to stay connected to this project through a number of emails and pictures from Pastor and Maama Frida.
one look at the building as they were adding planks of wood to the frame and the base of the ceiling



another view as more wood is added to secure the strength of the ceiling


In Uganda, the work is moving on.
America is another story; we are facing some pretty big roadblocks with the books.  There are over 3,000 books [and magazines] sitting in Texas, ready to be shipped.
But shipping is not working out, at all.
What we need is your prayers and any ideas or connections you might have for shipping.

We also need additional funds in order to build classrooms on top of the library.
The last estimate I gave you was $30,000 remaining to be raised.
With additional funds we have received, we still need $24,170.

There are well over three hundred kids at Champions Christian Primary School that would love to have books  and need more classrooms.
two of the lower primary girls on morning break during final exams


If you are able to help us in anyway, we would be so happy and thankful!
For more information feel free to contact me or click HERE to learn more about how to financially support this project.


much love!


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