then the hat dropped

I’m not a crier.
You can ask any of my room-mates from university.  One of them would be crying about something, I would feel the same emotion, just without tears.
I am so much so not a crier, that one of my team-mates on the WorldRace dubbed my theme song, “Heartless.”
Apparently not crying during the 11 months of the race is not normal.

But if I’m not a crier, why do I find tears welling up in my eyes so often recently?
I didn’t think it would be easy to leave Uganda.
I guess I just didn’t think it would be this hard.

Not only is the weather a shock to my system,
and -9 is not even the coldest it has been here:)


But I feel like every aspect of my life has been changed and effected by this transition
daily routines
spoken language
topics of conversation
lack of dancing here

a little over a month ago I was eating fresh corn on the cob and mangos from right outside | now I am wearing hats and making snow ice-cream


Not that all of these changes are bad, but more-so overwhelming.
Really, that’s the way I feel much of the time, overwhelmed.
But I can’t stay in that place.


Do I miss my family and friends in Mukono?
You bet.
Do I have weird cravings for Ugandan food that cannot be met by anything American?

But I think all of that is normal.
At least it is becoming my normal.
(Along with having tears in my eyes when I look at pictures or have random memories from Uganda:)
like this one of Saufa who would come in the office every day to hang out and get a high-five


As I miss my African life, I need to continue processing all that God has taken me through.
I may not know what lies ahead in my journey, but that is okay.
I can’t worry about it.


much love!


2 thoughts on “then the hat dropped

  1. Bethany, you are not broken, or heartless, or un affected. You are an amazing Daughter of the Star Breather. Created in His image. Exactly as He designed. You have heard His voice, and loved His people, and served where He directed you to. You hear His voice, and bless Hid heart. You Bethany are breath-taking, beautiful, loved, and delighted in. Thank you for being who and what He wanted you to be. I love and miss your beautiful smile…Jay sends his love too! 🙂

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