sometimes i hear voices

Sometimes, life doesn’t look the way we think it should.
Right now, my life doesn’t look at all like I thought it would.
Not like I thought it would after graduating from University.
Not like I thought it would one year ago, when living in Uganda.
Not like I thought it would one month ago, shortly after getting back to MI from Uganda.

Most days I am ok.
But then creeps in the voice of society.
The voice that questions what I am doing with my life and where my future is going.
The voice that says I’m not ok the way I am.

at legoland
in front of the lego wall at Downtown Disney


Last week, I was in California and attended a couple of different conferences.
During the conferences I had a number of people tell me it’s ok to be in a transitional period of life right now.  That there are many people who aren’t sure of what they are doing.
While that is reassuring and comforting, I don’t want to stay in that place.
I want to move to a place where I am going after something, putting my passion and talent behind something.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what that looks like yet.
I have some thoughts and ideas, but the pieces don’t fit together; not yet, at least.
God will put these pieces together; I trust He will.

at Hermosa Beach
on the Hermosa Beach pier with Lauren


Your love and support of me, who I am and all that I have done really mean a lot to me.
There is a library and classrooms in Uganda that are still in the process of being built.  That could not have been done without God and without the continued support from all of you!


much love!


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