Three years ago today, I was siting in the boys’ bedroom in Mukono, Uganda, as we prepared for that night’s church service.
As I was sitting there, I didn’t know one and a half years later that that house would be my home.
And I also didn’t know, as we were hearing about the earthquake in Japan, that six months later, I would be there.

March 11, 2011.
That date may not be significant to many of you.
At that time, I knew what had happened in Japan was bad; I didn’t realize on how large of a scale.

And these are 6 to nine months later

debris pile in Rikuzentaka


DSC02538street in Kessenuma


DSC02548what used to be houses and businesses in Kessenuma


Those pictures, don’t do justice to the magnitude of what happened in so many places and effected countless people.

Here are a few recent pictures taken by a friend less than two months ago

trucks removing some of the debris


some people think everything is back to normal in Japan now – it’s not!

cleaned up area of Onagawa – some want this building as a monument


there are temporary stores popping up in different places


This morning I watched this video, if you want to take the time to watch it (4 mins:), I think you should.
The city in Japan, Rikuzentaka, was one of the places I would visit when I was there.
It gives you a glimpes at how one town in CA was impacted by March 11, 2011 two years later and how that connected them with Japan.


Recovering Hope from Facebook Stories on Vimeo.


much love!


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