kleenexes and confetti

Our hearts are a complicated organ.
We can be filled with so many mixed and contrasting emotions, at the same time.

Today, I am excited to see a few friends (more like one of my second families:) that has been a part of my life for over ten years.
This fills me with so much joy.

But at the same time, my heart is hurting today.
It is hurting as I miss my people in Uganda.

Maybe it was getting an email yesterday reminding me how, I “always have a home in Uganda!!!”
Or maybe it was the two minute phone call the other morning, all in Luganda, with one of my friends from the church in Mukono.
Or maybe it was my dream last night, where I saw all of the kids from my house.

Whatever it was, today I miss Uganda.

Ronnie proudly displaying the cars he made from juice containers


my little Lytone – isn’t she precious?!


I can hear Lydia’s laughter as I type this and post our picture!


Our hearts are full of emotions.
Sometimes it’s messy and it doesn’t always make sense.
Today just happens to be one of those days that doesn’t necessarily make sense.


much love!


One thought on “kleenexes and confetti

  1. Praying for you now, Bethany. Emotions can be a roller coaster – but they sure tell a lot about what moves your heart!

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